Tuesday, March 22, 2016

YOU are simply amazing.


My name is Michaela Loynd. I have screwed up, made HUGE mistakes, hurt myself and others, and to be completely honest I can almost guarantee that it will happen again. Why you ask? Because I'm human. Everybody makes terrible decisions from time to time. That's life. 

But guess what? You learn from your mistakes, you grow, and you move on. The awful things that have happened in the past shaped me, and molded me into the person I am today. And to be 100% honest, I'm pretty proud of the person I've grown up to be. 

So I am only on page sixty-four of You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero and I already feel like my mindset has totally shifted. This woman is incredible. The thing's she has taught me already will stick with me for the rest of my life. Honestly everybody should stop what they're doing right this second, and go order it off of Amazon, or drive to the closest Target and buy it! Your life will be changed forever. 

Today's chapters had some awesome quotes, and I really just want to share them with everyone. 

"Even though they're often doing it out of love, and concern, having others smear their fear and worry all over you is the last thing you need when you're strengthening your superhero muscles to step out and take some risks, so I highly recommend keeping your mouth shut around people who are gonna bring you down." 

Raise your hand if you have somebody like this in your life!!! Someone you instantly feel physically/mentally drained after talking to, who always makes you feel yucky after just a quick conversation with. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. Stop giving them your time, and focus on you! 

"Self-perception is a zoo."

The way we see ourselves is crazy. Honestly, stop hating yourself. Yes it's easy to look in the mirror and think to yourself, "Eww" but what's the point? If you put as much time into loving yourself and complimenting yourself as you did into hating yourself and criticizing yourself, the world would be a much healthier and happier place. 

"We invest everything we've got in believing that we're not good enough."

Stop what you're doing right now. Say three things out loud that you love about yourself. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You deserve the world, and its time to stop thinking otherwise.  

"We're all busy, but it's the people who make enjoying their lives a priority who, um enjoy their lives!"

I say it all the time, if I don't plan it right there and then, I will never do the things I truly want to do. Make "me time" a priority. Go to a spin class, try wine and canvas, invite your girlfriends out to dinner, treat yourself to a pedicure. You're only given one chance here on Earth, make sure you're able to enjoy it! 

"Comparison is the fastest way to take all the fun out of life."

You are the only you on this planet, and if you ask me that's pretty damn special. Stop comparing yourself to your sister, best friend, or the famous actress everybody adores. Start focusing on what you love about yourself. There is only one of you. Embrace your uniqueness.

"Do not waste your precious time giving one single crap about what anybody else thinks of you."

If someone doesn't like you, what your doing, or the way you live your life, WHO CARES?!?!?! Is their opinion really that important that you're making yourself miserable over what they'll say/think about you? No. Each minute is precious. Spend them wisely. Live your life for you, and nobody else. 

Okay I think I'm done ranting for the night! I hope everyone had a great day!

Love always,

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Having Faith

This Saturday morning my head is racing in all different directions.

I'll be the first to admit that I have no clue what I do or don't believe in. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I think we were all given the life we live for a reason, and it is our job to figure it out. This week I have found myself questioning a lot about my faith.

Towards the beginning of the week my mom, sister and I went to go see the movie Miracles from Heaven. Not only was it totally eye opening, but it truly made me think. This little girl had a rare incurable disorder, they sent her home to be with her family and to get more comfortable because they were positive she wouldn't live much longer. While being home, she fell into a hollowed out trunk of a tree. Somehow she hit her body just right on something on the way down and it completely cured her. Not only is it a true story, but the little girl the movie was based on is still alive and well to tell this incredible story to the world.

When I randomly signed up to be on the bone marrow registry, and got contacted two months after, and was found to be a 100% match to a complete stranger.. Now Wesley is doing absolutely amazing!

Things like that don't just happen out of the blue. There's got to be someone/something behind it all.

This week in my book two different quotes really stood out to me:

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." - Albert Einstein

"This is about your faith being greater than your fear." - Jen Sincero

Miracles are happening all around us.
"Frame your life with faith."

Comment down below with a miracle you've witnessed first hand!
Have an incredible day!

Love always,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You are a Badass

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today's blogpost's focus is going to be on a new book I have just recently bought and started to read. If you've read the title and wondered, "Michaela, why are you calling me a badass?" I mean you are all pretty awesome, but it's the title of an incredible self-help/self-love book written by Jen Sincero.

After opening the cover, I stumbled across the quote, "And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, "you owe me". Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky." - Rumi

For a very long time I have been wondering why people are constantly ganging up on one another. We're all so focused on the negative things about each other, and put our energy into dragging others down. What is the point of that? Being positive and helping each other out is just as easy and way more beneficial, not only to ourselves, but to the world around us. Think about how much better your daily lives would be if you didn't have to stress out about what others were going to say about you behind your back. If you could simply just go to school, or work, and not feel anxious about the dirty looks and comments you may be receiving. There is way to much hate. If we all spread positivity and love, think about what we could accomplish.

Another quote that really stuck with me is, "This is about getting mighty clear about what makes you happy and what makes you feel the most alive, and then creating it instead of pretending you can't have it." This quote resonates with me so much. Time after time I've made excuses or played the blame game because something didn't go my way. But you know what? Instead of constantly playing the, "poor me" card I could be putting the negative energy into positive energy and start to change my life in a more positive and productive way.

"You are a victim of the rules you live by." Stop making boundaries for yourself. YOU ARE FULLY CAPABLE of changing the wold, and following your dreams. Sorry for the caps, but I truly believe in it, and think everyone else needs to be reminded here and there.

I know this post is random, but even if it helps one person, it's totally worth it!

Thanks for reading!
Love always,

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Sunday's are my absolute favorite day of the week. This calm always overcomes my body, and I just know that it will be a fantastic and fulfilling day. I don't have a direction in which I was hoping to take this blogpost, just going to write/rant and see where my mind leads me.

I started my morning out with a delicious and healthy breakfast. Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Clusters cereal with fresh raspberries, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Coffee (of course), and a giant glass of lemon water!

Mornings are definitely the best part of any day in my opinion. I always feel so refreshed and rejuvenated.

Waking up next to Zach in our new apartment, is hands down the best feeling. Knowing we were able to get a fresh start on our own is so rewarding, and our families have been amazing and so helpful.

Starting over in a new place with lots of potential has been so great for my mindset and attitude towards life. I think it is very important to do what makes you happy, and focus on your mental health.

Today I am thankful for:
1. Zach
2. Our families
3. The beautiful weather

What truly makes you happy? What are you thankful for? Comment down below, and take sometime today to reflect on what you are grateful for.

Embracing each day as it comes and learning to accept and love who I am, and what I have is so important. It has brought me peace of mind, and an overall love for the life I live. Life is so good, and each day is a gift. I think we all need to remember that more often, myself included. It is way to easy to get stuck in a trap of negativity. Why focus on the bad things in life, when there is millions of things to be thankful for each day?!

I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet, but I hope everyone gets something out of it! I hope you all have an amazing day. Do something for yourself today. Enjoy the sunshine!

Thanks for reading!
Love always,

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Aruba Outfits of the Week!

As a lot of you may know, I just got home from Aruba. It was such an amazing vacation, and my first time traveling outside of the United States! 

Putting outfits together is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, and looking at different people around me to get inspiration for pieces in my wardrobe. Planning ahead for this trip was very crucial. I did a lot of research on the weather, and figured out what type of clothes I needed to pack. It was eighty-eight degrees and sunny almost every single day, picture perfect weather! 

Unfortunately because I did most of my shopping in stores rather than online, I wasn't able to find a lot of links to the specific clothing items I wore while on vacation. For the ones I could find, I'm linking the items underneath the pictures below. 

You know when you have an idea in your mind of exactly what you want, but can't seem to find it anywhere?!  I found this dress on a random rack right as I was checking out. It was everything I had pictured in my head so I bought it on a whim, and prayed that it would fit! 

Of course I can't forget about my Jack Roger's. They're my favorite pair of shoes I've ever bought. You can wear them with just about anything!

These shoes are adorable AND comfortable, which is important in my book. I saw a lot of sandals in this style last spring and summer, but never ended up buying a pair for myself. I'm so happy I finally did. They're versatile and could be paired with almost any outfit. 

I highly recommend checking out Old Navy's new releases right now. They have so many cute clothes being released for spring and summer, and are super affordable! 

Thank goodness I actually found a romper that fits me. This romper is very comfy and lightweight. Perfect for summertime! I would recommend going a size up though, if you're tall so it doesn't ride up.

The sandals run true to size, and come in three different colors!

I am very picky when it comes to bathing suits. Which means, I usually end up spending a decent amount of money on the ones that I like. This bathing suit combination is one of my favorite that I've stumbled across in a long time. I love the strappy back on the top, and the different stripes of color. It is supportive, and fun! The bottoms are very flattering in my opinion. They have ruffles along the trim and ruching in the back! They're offered in tons of colors, and are only $20-$24 which is a good price for a pair of bottoms.

I saw these online, bought them immediately, and hoped they would be delivered on time to bring on my trip. Surprise, surprise, that didn't happen. But..  I'm adding them in this blogpost because of how stinkin' cute they are. Marble anything, and mirrored sunglasses are on trend right now. Forever 21 combined that together to make these adorable sunglasses. I don't know how anyone could pass them up! They've already sold out once, so go grab yourself a pair before they do again.

Thank you for reading!
Love always,

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trader Joe's Grocery Haul!

Good morning sunshine! 

It's Wednesday, the work/school week is halfway over, and guess what?! It's supposed to be 70 degrees today! Spring is on its way.

Yesterday was my first full day back from Aruba. Even though I am super upset that vacation is over, I was very excited to have our very own apartment to come home to. Considering the fact that Zach and I moved in right before we left for our trip, we had zero food when I went to make breakfast. First thing we did yesterday morning was take a trip to Hadley, grabbed some Starbucks, and headed over to Trader Joe's (my favorite place in the world). 

Daily vlogging/YouTube videos will be starting as soon as I'm able to find the right camera, but until then I'm just going to post my grocery hauls on here! I hope you all enjoy! 

 For fruits this week we picked up some bananas, granny smith apples, nectarines, oranges, lemons, pineapple, and raspberries. I've never had nectarines, so I'm excited to try out a new fruit.

Chia seeds are a lifesaver. I add them on top of greek yogurt, in my smoothies, even into my lemon water. They're an easy way to feel full, and they have tons of health benefits.

These freeze dried fruits are one of my favorite YouTuber's go-to snacks, and my friend Kate also recommended them to me, so obviously I had to add them into my cart.

 I don't usually eat a ton of meat but when I do, chicken is my go to. This will be a very quick and easy source of protein. Thanks Tylor for telling me about these!

 I've heard nothing but great feedback about this "rice". The only ingredients in it is organic cauliflower, and salt. It's an easy way to add volume to stir fry, which is what I'm going to try making first!

Zach's step dad recommended these to us while we were on vacation, he said they were delicious. Even though I probably won't be eating them, I think it is awesome Trader Joe's has foods that both of us will enjoy!

 Omelettes made with spinach, broccoli, and salsa are one of my favorite breakfast foods, so eggs are a necessity.

 Usually I'm not always a fan of spaghetti and meatball's, but when I have a craving for pasta, these are they way to go! They're super delicious and are made with ground turkey rather then ground beef, which is a huge plus for me. I really wanted to try the brown rice pasta which was highly recommended to me, but wasn't able to find it. So this was my next choice!

I love english muffins. They're usually my quick go-to breakfast food. My trick though after buying these is to pop them into the freezer. This way you have them easily accessible, but you won't have to worry about them going bad.

TJ's unsweetened vanilla almond milk is hands down the best I've ever had. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. 

This chicken apple sausage is another one of my breakfast staples. Everyone should go grab some and test it out!

I love hummus. I personally think it's great, however I've never had plain hummus, and I'm all about trying new foods!

Cucumbers and baby carrots are such a great snack, and will be delicious dipped into the hummus. I bought the spinach for my smoothies, or omelettes. But any of these veggies will go great in a salad as well.

I've heard this sauce is great to put on top of any roasted veggies or even to marinate chicken with.

 Salsa is a staple in my diet. It is one of my favorite things to put in my omelettes!

 My friend Lindsay just shared an overnight oat recipe that she said was absolutely delicious so I had to grab some oatmeal so I can make it this week!

My aunt got me addicted to this trail mix, it's the best! If you love trail mix, you have to try this!

Comment down below to let me know what your favorite things to get from Trader Joe's are!

Thank you for reading, I hope everyone has a great and productive day!
Love always,

Monday, March 7, 2016

Wine club!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! 

Currently I am sitting at the New Jersey airport waiting to board my second flight into Boston. 

So I figured, why not fill all of my friends in on this awesome subscription service that I've just recently stumbled across. Club W! In three quick and easy steps you can have all different types of unique wines from all over the world shipped right to your doorstep. 

Just simply go to www.clubw.com fill in your information, take the palate profile survey, and pick out which wines you'd like to try! 

Best part is, you can get one bottle for free with your first purchase! Who doesn't love free wine? 

If you sign up with this link https://www.clubw.com/mloynd we are both able to earn rewards towards our next wine delivery! 

I hope everyone had a fabulous day, let me know what you think of this new type of post! 

Thank you for reading! 
Love always, 

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