Saturday, September 3, 2016

Spotlight On: Madison Dussault

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday!

As most of you may know I'm obsessed with all things home decor and rustic DIY's lately! My friend Brittany and I have been trying to get my apartment looking and feeling like home. It's been a blast going to different Home Goods stores and antique shops searching for things we think would be a good fit.

For the past couple of months my friend Madison has been posting all of these incredible projects on Facebook. The other day I saw that she had created her own personal page to showcase her work. As I was scrolling down I kept thinking to myself, "I want this, and that... oh and that too!"

I reached out to her because I don't think I've seen something she has made that I did not like. I thought you all would be interested in seeing her work as well. That being said, let me introduce Madison!

"Hi everyone! My name is Madison Dussault. I am 20 years old and live in a very small town called Warwick, MA. I recently started a little business that I named Madison's Rustic Creations, showcasing all of my talent and creativity into home decor. Living in Warwick has many perks; peace and quiet, and being able to thoroughly enjoy the great outdoors. I’ve always had to make my own fun. Ever since I was a little kid I have had an artistic ability, looking at one thing and wanting to change it into something entirely different. Everything around me inspires me! Including one of my all time favorite websites, PINTEREST! Pinterest challenges me, making me want to try to build this, or paint that. There are so many awesome projects that I want to tackle,  and can't wait to accomplish! I am very passionate about everything that I do and I believe that it shows. Check out my Facebook page, Madison's Rustic Creations! Thank you & God bless you all."

While talking to Madison she was explaining to me that she spends hours on end creating each piece, and that her fiancĂ© helps her when she needs help with power tools. I think it’s awesome and so cute that they have a hobby that they can enjoy together!

Please visit and like her new Facebook page to stay up to date with her business!

Here are some of her favorite projects she has finished so far:



Thank you for reading! I hope you all have an amazing long weekend!

Love always,


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