Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 29, 2016

I'm writing this post solely for my own good. To hopefully engrave these messages into my own head. I hope that whoever's reading this gets something out of it as well, and if you don't, I'm sorry for wasting your time.

If I've learned anything in 2016 it is that you are the only person that will one hundred percent always have your back.

You are in this thing we call life for you and you alone. Yes, people will be on the sidelines. Sometimes they'll be your biggest cheerleaders and sometimes they will be doing everything in their power to tear you down. Live your life for you. Stop saying yes to things that you have no interest in doing. Stop hanging out with people that only bring negativity into your life. Each day that you are throwing away is one that you will not get back.

When you look in the mirror do you like the person staring back at you? I hope to God your answer is yes, but if your answer is no, I hope you use this upcoming year to learn to love yourself. Love your eyes that have seen so many damaging things. Love your thighs that you've spent hours upon hours wishing they would shrink. Love your scars, self inflicted or not. Love your mind for every sane and insane thought. Love your heart for being so big you give it away, even to those who don't deserve it. But most importantly, LOVE YOU. You are so wonderfully and beautifully made.

I really hope to use 2017 to create a stronger, braver, better version of myself. I am going to learn how to be my own best friend. I am going to learn how to be my biggest advocate, and my best motivator. I challenge all of you to do the same. Join me in loving yourself. Join me in becoming unstoppable.

I hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous snow. I love you all. Thank you for reading.

Love always,

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