Monday, February 13, 2017

Healthy Lifestyle Tips And Tricks

Hi babes!

Since winter has over welcomed its stay this year, at least in my opinion, I wanted to share some of my favorite go to tips to stay as healthy and happy as humanly possible!


I capitalized it because holy moly does it work wonders! My friend Sophia ChillĂ© recommended it to me months ago because apparently it's huge in Maine (where she's from), and her family takes a teaspoon of syrup everyday to help fight off any cold/sickness that's heading their way. When I had started taking it I was only using it when I was feeling a cold come on, or once I was already sick. It definitly helped with my symptoms, but I highly suggest taking it everyday and making it part of your daily routine.

2. Water, water, and more water.

Everyone always says, drink water, you'll feel better. Guess who never listened?! That's right, me. Not only does water help flush out all of the toxins in your body, it boosts your energy levels, helps strengthen your immune system, and clears your complexion. Who doesn't want that?! I've lessened my coffee intake (crazy I know) and try to drink as much water as possible. 

3. Probiotics.

I never really understood why everyone was so into taking a probiotic. That was until I started taking them. Our body gives us huge indicators that it's not happy. Usually the first two signs come from your gut, and your skin. I highly recommend the HUM Nutrition Gut Instinct probiotic, but if you aren't willing to spend the $25 a bottle, there are many other options out there! Another delicious way to sneak probiotics into your diet is Kombucha. Yum! My favorite brand is Health-Ade, and I love the Pink Lady Apple flavor. 

4. Move your body!

Seriously guys, working out doesn't have to be a miserable thing. Being active can be super fun and enjoyable once you find something that works for you! As I'm typing this I'm waiting for my sister Jess to come over so we can go to the gym together! If I can give you one tip of advice it would be to have somebody to hold you accountable! Find a gym/workout buddy to make sure you're actually following through with your plans to achieve your goals. 

5. Spend time with people who encourage you to be the best version of YOU.

Stop surrounding yourself with people who consistently drag you down and make you unhappy. It's perfectly okay to say no. Start saying no, start having your own best interest in the back of your mind at all times. Make sure that the people you're spending the most time with love you and support you ALWAYS! If you feel as though you don't have that, reach out. Find those who will honor who you are and motivate/inspire you. 

Thank you for reading! 

Love always,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 12, 2017 - EMBRACE

Before even reading this post, please watch this video:

I had every intention to post my healthy life hacks blogpost today and I'm still going to publish it later on this week, but my hearts telling me I need to get vulnerable on this super snowy Sunday afternoon.

Body image issues are something I have ALWAYS struggled with. I could almost guarantee that each and every single one of you reading this have as well. It's an everyday fight against somebody who is supposed to be your biggest supporter, motivator, and best friend. Yourself. How exhausted do we have to make ourselves before we see that fighting the person who's looking back at you in the mirror is a waste of our time? How many times do we have to jump up and down forcing ourselves to fit into a ridiculously tight pair of pants because of a number on the tag? How many times will someone have to tell us that we are so beautiful until we stop denying it? How many times will we choose to wear a t-shirt at the beach because we're ashamed of the body underneath? Ninety-one percent of women hate their bodies. When will this war end?

Body shaming is so real and so present in our everyday lives. Instead of giving those people power, I challenge you to counteract their negativity and spread love. Spread so much love that everyone around you knows just how wonderful they are. Be the reason that your daughter stands strong and holds her head high while dancing, singing, playing, running, or jumping. Tell your friends that they look gorgeous with or without makeup on. Encourage your sister to wear a bikini. Make sure your mom knows just how beautiful she is each and every single day.


Thank you all for reading!

Love always,

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dani Leah Waterman // The Village on Main

Rise and shine my loves! Happy Sunday!

Today's blogpost is something I'm super excited to share with all of you! As some of you may or may not have noticed, in the past week I've talked a little bit about a photo shoot that I was part of last weekend. Now that everything is finally finished, I can talk more in depth about it.

So long story short, Dani Waterman is a hair genius. One day during break at work I was scrolling through my Instagram stories and happened to click on the Igers413 account. They posted about a local hairstylist needing hair models and photographers to work with on an upcoming project, so I reached out and said that I was definitely interested. Dani got right back to me saying how thrilled she was that I wanted to collaborate so we set up a time and date for me to go to The Village on Main.

When I tell you that The Village on Main is absolutely perfect, I mean it whole heartedly. The atmosphere is so relaxing, the women who work there are all so beautiful and talented, and once you step foot in the door you'll never want to leave. One thing I look for when going to a new salon is how each stylist presents themselves. I think your overall look says so much about you, especially working in the hair and beauty industry. Each and every single one of these women had incredible personal style. They all had a unique and fun look and I think that's SO important. I would go back to the salon just to get outfit inspiration! Another thing that stood out to me is the overall feel of the salon. It has a very minimalistic and modern feel to the space which I absolutely adore! The Village on Main is a salon I would highly recommend to anybody if you are in search of something new.

Now lets talk about Dani. Okay first of all, walking into a salon full of people you've never met, including the woman who's about to do your hair is pretty intimidating. Right off the bat she made me feel so comfortable! We talked a little bit about what she was going to be doing to my hair, and for the next two hours we talked about anything and everything. Dani explained to me that the reason she needed hair models to work with is because she's actually moving to New York City in the next month or two. I'm sure everyone knows just how competitive NYC is in all aspects, so she wanted to make sure her portfolio and website are up to par when going and interviewing for different jobs! How amazing and brave is it that she's packing up all she's ever known in Western Massachusetts to chase after her dreams in the Big Apple?! So inspiring!

When it came to my hair, the main focus of this entire post, I am so beyond happy with how everything turned out. Dani used a balayage technique on my hair, which for those of you who don't know is basically just free hand painting. I absolutely loved this method of coloring because it was so satisfying to actually be able to see exactly where the product was being placed, and I could tell just how blonde it was going to turn out. Once all the steps were taken, and she was finally done coloring and cutting my hair, Dani used an Olaplex treatment on my hair which helps strengthen and repair any bonds that have been/were broken during the coloring process. I was also given a bottle to take home and use once a week! How generous! I've already noticed a huge difference in my hair with just the two treatments I've done so far.

Let's talk photo shoot! The morning of the photo shoot I met up with Dani so she could style my hair and do my makeup. Her vision for the shoot was to have it be like an everyday girl in the city, but a little bit edgier. Rachel Franz was the incredibly talented photographer that worked with us, and she went to town, snapping photos left and right, telling me where to go and what to do with my body. The three of us worked together so seamlessly it was as if we had done it hundreds of times. All in all I am very pleased with how the photo shoot went! Dani and Rachel were exceptionally helpful when it came to giving me poses, telling me where to look, and making me feel comfortable.

Please do me a tremendous favor in following Dani Leah on her journey to New York City! Follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with all of her amazing hair transformations, and send tons of love her way!

Thank you so much for reading! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing day.

Love always,

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