Friday, August 25, 2017

Healthy Mindset 101

Happy Friday! Can you even begin to wrap your head around the fact that summer is almost coming to an end?! Jeez Louise.

I've had a lot of people approach me this past week and ask, "how are you always so positive?" Well first of all, ask my family, I'm definitely not always the most pleasant person in the world. My attitude is not stellar 24/7, and I have my fair share of bad days. BUT, one of my goals is to put my best foot forward when feeling frustrated in certain situations.

One thing I've noticed that helps a ton with my overall mindset is exercise. It doesn't have to be a two hour gym session, but move. Move for fun, move in strength, and always honor and cherish your body for all that it can do. When you start treating your body as though it's a temple, good things start to happen.

Meditation is something I've tried getting into for months. My mind doesn't like to slow down, and is constantly racing all over the place. Recently I've downloaded the Headspace App and have found myself really enjoying the quick three minute guided meditations. I think with the crazy world around us and and the constant go, go, go, mentality we all have, it's important to slow down every now and then. Even if it's just for a couple minutes.

Chose "your people" very wisely. The energy of others quickly becomes the energy you give off. When you're around negative people, you tend to start giving off negative vibes as well. Unfortunately most of us don't realize this until it's too late. Surround yourselves with loving, kind, motivational, strong, individuals who push you to be better and won't put up with anything less.

Make time for YOU. It's crazy how often I hear people say that they really want to do something but won't because they're alone. Go by yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy your own company. Use that time to reflect and explore the world around you.

Once you start prioritizing who you are and who you want to become the universe has a very strange way of working things out. Remember to keep faith, remain strong in difficult situations, and always stand tall.

I love you all to pieces. Thank you for reading!

Love always,

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